Webinar @ EMAG: Highly Efficient Grinding Systems for Shafts [US - 11 AM EST]

Webinar @ EMAG: Highly Efficient Grinding Systems for Shafts - The Perfect Grind for Contemporary Drive Technology [US]

Wed, 22.09.2021 | 05:00 PM - 06:00 PM

Modern drive systems require perfection down to the last detail. Especially in the case of shafts, which are exposed to a wide range of speeds and torques. Maximum part quality must be achieved to guarantee lasting performance. This is even more true when, in addition to high machining quality, low cycle times are required. This is precisely why EMAG leads the field of hard machining of shafts. Whether horizontal or vertical machining, cylindrical or non-cylindrical grinding or the use of process combinations, the possibilities we offer in the EMAG Group are vast. In this webinar, we will present examples of these diverse possibilities and show you concrete solutions for future-proof drive technology components. Afterwards, as always, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss specific projects with our experts. A webinar that no planner should miss!

Language: English
Time: 11 AM EST


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