TwinServo press demonstrates its advantages

Göppingen, Germany, March 21, 2022 – In transfer presses, the gradual forming of parts usually results in tilting of the slide. This is not the case with lines featuring TwinServo technology from Schuler: the widely spaced pressure points here provide ideal conditions for off-center loads. Since the underfloor drives are not mechanically coupled, an asymmetrical control can be used to counteract an inclined position. This has now been demonstrated once again during the commissioning of a 1,600-ton TST press at a well-known and globally active automotive supplier.


By neutralizing possible skewing, the die clearance can be maintained and thus the precision of the formed parts increased. Therefore, dies that normally run on other equipment can also be used quickly and easily on the TwinServo press. "Thanks to active tilting compensation, the customer says, this will extend the service life of the dies and significantly increase process reliability during subsequent laser welding," says Frank Klingemann, Head of the Industry Division at Schuler, citing two further advantages of the TST technology.

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