Taiwan 144 Exhibitors Harvested Rich Orders at EMO 2023

Through the “Taiwan Smart Machinery Promotion Program”, TAITRA established the first ever Taiwan all-in-one platform at EMO, incorporating with industry associations such as TAMI, TMBA, TACEA, and launched a series of press conference, solution seminars, Taiwan Night gala dinner, and quick presentations sessions like Elevator Pitch and Solution Flash. The platform received highly positive feedback from onsite visitors, offering them a Taiwan sourcing and information sharing platform, as well as allowing 144 Taiwan exhibitors with a stage to present their smart tech and machinery developments. As the results, the platform had hosted nearly 800 visitors in its 6 days show period, including from 58 media and 141 buyers from around 20 countries, and served as an one-stop explore platform to help trigger more business exchange for all Taiwan exhibitors at EMO.


Taiwan Employ Reverse Strategy to Attract New Global Buyers

Amidst the global economic challenges, major machine tool manufacturers had scaled down their exhibition presence at EMO 2023. However, Mr. Tim Chang, General Manager of Kao Ming, described their unconventional approach. They not only displayed the latest machinery but also expanded their booth space. Leveraging the Ministry of Economic Affairs' "Taiwan Overseas Smart Machinery Promotion Project" for promotion, this strategy drew interest from new customers. Within the first three days, they had received orders from Germany, India, and Italy.

Hiwin Chairman, Chuo Wen-Hen, emphasized their focus on energy efficiency and productivity. Previously, semiconductor’s nano-probe production would require over 10 hours in machining; now, it's done in just 20 minutes. Government’s support and expansion efforts at EMO also boosted their exposure and networking opportunities.

Fair-Friend Group's CEO, Mr. Miro Lin also highlighted on their solutions for high-end industries and their successful entry into European and American markets. Their participation in this year's EMO exhibition, driven by the overseas smart machinery promotion plan, also facilitated more connections with potential buyers, aiding their global expansion.

Leon Huang, the business director of the leading broaching brand-AXISCO, also elaborated on their joined presentation of a aircraft engine bearing cages component at Taiwan Smart Machinery’s booth, which drew high interest from the visitors, resulting in immediate machinery sales and market expansion in Spain, Turkey, and the Netherlands.

Taiwan's Smart Manufacturing: Combining Energy Efficiency and Innovation to Impress the World

Taiwan's machine tool industry is ranked 7th globally, with an annual production value exceeding 4 billion USD and over 70% of production exported to overseas markets. Taiwan stands as the fourth-largest exhibiting nation at this year's EMO exhibition. Following EMO's opening on the 18th, an International Press Conference and Panel Discussion took place at Taiwan Smart Machinery booth. Hosted by Simon Wang, President and CEO of the TAITRA, the event featured prominent figures including David Chuang, Convener of board of Supervisors of the TAMI; Patrick Chen, Chairman of TMBA; Jack Lee, Chairman of the TACEA; Lulu Yen, President of the Elimi and director of Taiwan Digital Enterprise Alliance; and Ellis F.Y. Chang, Commissioner of the Economic Development Bureau of Taichung City. The discussions revolved around "How Taiwan Smart Machinery Driving the World”, where the invited experts explored topics like sustainable development, smart machinery collaboration trends, transformation and innovative applications. From semiconductor equipment manufacturing, new sustainable energy production, or electric vehicle, Taiwan is well-equipped to meet diverse application needs. The press conference were also participated by international media from Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, France, Turkey, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, India, Singapore, Poland, and more.

A Series of Sales Expansion Activities Strengthen Connections with Buyers

To provide buyers with comprehensive solutions, from September 19th to 20th, TAITRA, in collaboration with the TAMI and the TMBA, organized three solutions seminars. These encompassed innovative metalworking solutions, digital and green transformation, as well as high-efficiency and energy-saving applications. Twelve companies, including Buffalo, Honor Seiki, Holdwell, Palmary, Tongtai, Hiwin, Quaser, YCM, 7-Leaders, Habor, Walrus, and Accutex, jointly presented their newest solutions. Additionally, from September 20th to 22nd, a total of five Elevator Pitch and Solution Flash events took place, focusing on efficient turning solutions, high stability cutting solutions, innovative machine tool solutions, cross-generation milling solutions, cross-generation milling solutions, and innovative applications of key components. Forty companies, including Taiwan Takisawa, TMT, Jhen Tong, Asia-Pacific Elite, Kao Ming, Shin-Yain, Chain Headway, FFG, Bright Jing Chin, and Yinsh, joined forces in these presentations.

Diverse Exhibitions on Taiwan's Expand Global Perspective and Enhance International Visibility

Throughout the six-day exhibition, the International Trade Administation's overseas smart machinery promotion program not only facilitated negotiations and international orders for Taiwanese machine tool companies, but also organized a series of Taiwan Flavor Happy Hour networking events. These events, in collaboration with the Taiwan Tourism Bureau, Taichung City Government's Economic Development Bureau, China Airlines, EVA Air, Kavalan Whisky, Wufeng Farmers' Association Chu Wu Sake, Yundao Coffee, Kobayashi Cookies, and Taiwan Beer, brought together visitors to experience Taiwan's scenic beauty, beverages, and cuisine while fostering international friendships.

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