TAMI Builds Taiwan Online Show with 720° Live Demonstrations for Russian Buyers

Every year, Taiwan Industry of Machinery Association (TAMI) would organize an exhibition group to participate the Metalloobrobotka show, which is also one of the most important international events for metalworking industry.


According to statistics from the main export countries of Taiwan's machine tools in 2019, the main export markets of Taiwan's machine tools are concentrated in the world's largest importers of machine tools, and most of the export markets are concentrated in the top ten global imports, accounting for about 72% of its total export value. In 2019, Taiwan’s exports reached US$3.06 billion, a sharp decrease of 16.2% over the same period last year. Only Russia grew by 10.4% compared with last year, accounting for 3.5% of exports. In 2018, exports were US$97,763,000, and exports in 2019 were US$107,954,000, an increase of 10.4%.


Due to the COVID-19, the Metalloobrobotka 2020 edition was postponed to 2021. With the situation might not allow for exhibitions, online showroom has become the best way to present in the post-epidemic situation. Beginning from November this year, TAMI has announced an online version of Taiwan pavilion showroom to allow Russian machine users to still be updated with the latest metalworking technology from Taiwan. This year's online platform has selected 5 top Taiwanese manufacturers to present on their technology and machinery, and visitors shall get an interesting experience from this 720° full angle demonstration showroom. You are welcome to visit the Taiwan online pavilion showroom:






1. Chin Fong

With 60 years of growth, Chin Fong is emerging as the largest mechanical power press manufacturer in Taiwan. The worldwide service and sales network for customer support are superior to that of competitors, and the company is famous for offering the best quality products in the global press market.

Intelligent Single Crank Power Press: It is equipped with sensors and gauges which enable it to collect information and realize IoT device management. Intelligent Management System: Features include smart interconnection, real-time management, agile production, and data-driven decision-making.




Throughout 2 decades of experience, EXACT has continuously developed new and innovative products to improve the manufacturing processes and productivity for our customers. With top quality products and professional support, our customers are "Rotating exactly, using EXACT!"

CNC Rotary Table-NCT-320R: NCT tables are designed with axial - radial bearings to provide excellent load and thrust capabilities. The hydraulic clamp produces a massive holding power and the housings withstand any twisting or flexing. The large center bore series provides for added flexibility when adding work-holding devices.

CNC Rotary Tilting Table-TRT-250: TRT, NC controlled 2 axis tables are suitable for larger work capacities when 5 axis machining. One piece housing structure with powerful hydraulic clamping system offers a greater clamping torque and high loading capacities. Designed for easy installation and alignment.




Established in 2001, YIDA Precision Tools Co., Ltd. employs highly capable technicians that bring with them decades worth of combined experience, spanning skills from traditional welding of cutting tools, to expertise in high precision solid carbide end mills used in the creation and manufacture of our production line.

4 Flutes Unequal Helix Square End Mill: A best-selling product!

Its unequal flutes and variable helix can decrease chattering and effectively remove chips.

3 Flutes Square End Mills: For Softer Metal, Designed for softer metal, such as aluminum and copper, with various helix angle: 45°, 50°, 55°.

Ball Nose End Mill: With a great rounded cutting edge, our ball nose end mill permits high accuracy contouring and profiling. They are ideally suited for milling 3-D contoured parts.




Kenturn has been designing, manufacturing, fabricating and marketing machine tool spindles of all kinds since 1983. The company prides itself on intensively studying spindle design and producing innovative technology. The company continues to progress by providing added value spindles, including Direct-Drive and Precision Built-in Spindles. The company's products immediately help customers maintain and resolve technological problems, and assist customers to reach their production goals.

Built-in spindle: MVB1318A - HSK-A63/20000RPM/Oil-Air

Spindle shaft cooling, OTT drawbar system, suitable for gantry type machining centers, suitable for mold cutting industry. Tool grinding spindle: GHB1012- HSK-E50/12000RPM/Grease HSK dual-contact tooling system, high torque, high horsepower, automatic tool change system, suitable for 5-axis tool grinding machines. Built-in spindle: MVB1315 - HSK-A63/18000RPM/Oil-Air

HSK dual-contact tooling system, oil air lubrication for continuous machining, universal application for vertical machining centers, can be used with various types of controller.




Xtrauto is derived from “Extra Auto”. They use existing resources, and add intelligent automation equipment to solve problems for our customers. This is also the main goal in our cooperation, based on customer needs, to achieve the best performance of equipment and therefore to reduce costs and increase production capacity. Xtrauto’s main line products are high pressure coolant system suction machines, oil-water separators, refrigerators, and optical screening machines, etc.


The high efficiency coolant system with green energy controls temperature precisely, and energy can be reused to reduce cost. This is an advanced design different from coolant compressor systems. CTS fluid level in oil drum can be modified according to requirements. Temperature control applies to oils of different viscosity. Adapted for oil cutting fluid and water-soluble cutting fluid. Fluid level balance system in bilateral oil drum. Double filter drum (filter density can be modified)



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