Taiwan Smart Manufacturing Pavilion in Virtual Reality

Russia is actively improving quality and manufacturing technologies of machine tools while experiencing digital transformation via IoT; this is a time where international partners are mostly needed for exchanging technologies and sharing experiences. Taiwan can be Russia’s best partner. While no large-scale physical exhibitions, such as Metalloobrabotka, are be held this year due to the epidemic, Taiwan has specially built up Taiwan Smart Manufacturing Pavilion in Russia to meet Russian buyers in virtual reality.


Taiwan is a top provider of integrated solution for Smart Manufacturing. To increase international market visibility and brand awareness, Taiwan Smart Manufacturing Pavilion in Russia on-line is launched to showcase the excellence of precision machine tools, automation equipment, and powerful software integration capabilities that Taiwan has to offer; which can be used by local operators for implementing transformation into digital production via Internet of Everything (IoE), marching into Smart Manufacturing, and highly escalating commercial models of customization, digitization and servitization of their businesses.


Taiwan's smart manufacturing industry has a complete value chain system, including R & D, component processing and manufacturing, as well as machine assembly, testing, sales and after-sales service, and holds a market share of 5-6% around the globe, becoming the seventh largest producing country of machine tool in the world. In addition, the sales of Taiwan's machine tools are mainly exported with a proportion of up to 80%. In 2019, the export value of Taiwan's machine tool industry reaches 3.064 billion US dollars, which is the fifth largest exporters in the world after Germany, Japan, China and Italy. Therefore, marketing the global market and providing international customer service are the main characteristics of Taiwan smart manufacturing.


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  1. Smart Machine Tool
  1. Ultra-Precision Machining
  2. 5-axis machining
  3. High-efficiency machining
  4. Large workpieces machining
  1. Smart Automation
  2. Machine Monitoring Dashboard
  3. Future Factory



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