New record result for used machinery platform GINDUMAC

Used machinery dealer GINDUMAC has achieved a new record result with its transactional online platform for the 2021 financial year.

The transaction volume of used metal, sheet metal and plastic processing machines increased by over 50%. Janek Andre, CEO & Co-Founder of GINDUMAC: "In 2021, we strengthened our base for continued profitable growth and grew significantly above plan."

For Benedikt Ruf, Managing Director & Co-Founder, supply, customer satisfaction and branding are the main growth drivers: "Our corporate strategy is fundamentally based on a procurement focus. In 2021, we again succeeded in offering significantly more machines via our platform than in the previous year, while at the same time increasing sales quotas. Our consistently high customer satisfaction and unconventional brand positioning have also given us a lot of additional upsides."

For the 2022 financial year, GINDUMAC GmbH continues to plan for sales growth in the good double-digit range.

From the management's point of view, metal and plastics manufacturers will increasingly need a high degree of flexibility in their production plans in 2022 as well, as "many industrial companies will have to keep on doing project allocation and order planning in line with the very dynamic market conditions", Andre says. GINDUMAC therefore offers machine sellers the options of direct purchase or global marketing. "When selling machines, the factors of time and price play a decisive role. Depending on what our customers need, we offer the appropriate trade-in and marketing option," adds Andre.

For machine buyers, it is already foreseeable that longer delivery times from machine manufacturers will be ongoing. "As last year, this will have a positive impact on the demand for used machines available at short notice", adds Ruf.

GINDUMAC continues to strategically focus on sourcing, customer success and branding in 2022. "We also always invest in strong team building and will focus on efficiency improvements", says Andre.



GINDUMAC operates an online platform for the global used machinery trading. For sellers and buyers of used industrial machinery, GINDUMAC offers a full transaction processing with an all-round carefree package. The German company buys and sells used machines from the metal working, sheet metal and plastics processing industry. The product range includes machine tools, sheet metal working machines and injection molding machines from various international manufacturers.

Further information on www.gindumac.com.


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